TTouch Success for Post-Operative Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

I received this email and photos from Linda Troup, a TTouch practitioner in training in Escondido, California. Linda’s success after her shoulder surgery demonstrates the way TTouch can assist medical interventions and physical therapy as an adjunct to traditional care.

Touches 2

Friday, October 9th I had outpatient shoulder surgery. They went in and removed some large bone spurs that were beginning to damage my rotator cuff. They also removed part of my clavicle and cleared out some arthritis. As part of the procedure I was given a “block” and my shoulder, arm & hand were completely “dead” for about 24 hours.

As soon as I got home, I began doing Raccoon TTouches all over my shoulder and down my arm. I couldn’t feel them — it was as if I were doing them on someone else. I continued doing the touches off and on every day.

Yesterday (the 15th) I went for my recheck and to have the stitches removed. The doctor was very impressed with my recovery. I’m down to one pain pill a day when I go to bed at night. I also have a wide range of motion that is not common until over 3 weeks after surgery. The doctor then asked if I could put my arm behind my back at all….I said “Like this?” You should have seen his face! He was amazed at my lack of bruising, pain and range of motion, as was my physical therapist, who, I will see again today. I plan on driving myself!

I do have weakness on the left side that we are working on. According to the surgeon I’m way ahead of the curve!
Linda Troup, Escondido, CA

1 week post op

This is me one week post-op. Look at my range of motion!

1 week post op - Range of Motion

One week post-op--I

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