TTouch Success Stories: By the Book

When Carolyn wrote to me inquiring about certification trainings and told me how much success she had experienced just from reading my books, I asked her to share some of her successes. It is so inspiring to hear of their success from readers of my books.

If you have cases of animals, or two-leggeds, you have TTouched just by following the guidance in one of my books, or for that matter, from working with one of our wonderful TTouch Practitioners, you could help other animals by sharing your story.

During the five months a year when Roland and I are home in Hawaii, it could feel pretty isolated across that 2500 miles of water to the closest coast. However, e-mails and Facebook exchanges and inspiring stories from students and readers keep me juiced. Let’s talk-story, as the Hawiians call the ancient art of bending each others ear!



Here’s Carolyn’s story:

Tellington TTouch Revisited
August 25, 2011


Many years ago I heard about a wonderful technique called Tellington TTouch. Looking back I cannot remember exactly where that exposure came from, but I have always kept an ear open to the newest natural healing techniques for animals. At the time, I researched a little on the topic and read about Linda and her background, but didn’t have the time to really delve in and experiment, as I was then rearing a family.
Recently, while looking for a career / life change, I began to ponder about what has been a constant interest in my life. I was reminded of my deep love and concern for all animal life. As I reflected more, I remembered TTouch as being something that I had put in the back of my mind – to come back to later. Now- was later.

So I quickly googled “Linda Tellington- Jones” and found her wonderful website. My heart began to warm and beat loudly as I poked around. I knew that I had found what I was destined to do from the beginning! I immediately purchase multiple books and devoured them in days.
The first book– The Tellington Touch: A Breakthrough Technique to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal (now with a new subtitle: Caring for Animals with Heart and Hands), is so comprehensive. It is wonderfully written. It is a thorough guide for the beginner. I felt confident after I read it and began to experiment with my own animals. They immediately loved it and became quite pushy about having their turn.

I was inspired to volunteer at a local pet rescue/ adoption center, and began to apply what I had learned in the book. My favorite experience was with the sweetest basset mix named Dusty. When I came into to the facility, I noticed another young volunteer sitting in the kennel with Dusty’s head in her lap, and she was lovingly caressing him. I thought nothing of it, as we all naturally find a favorite animal or two and give them a little extra attention. However, a little later when I walked past him again, I noticed that he was very obviously not feeling well. I inquired as to his condition and was told that he had a case of “kennel cough”, and that he was being treated for it. I asked if it would be ok if I worked on him and they agreed.

I immediately noticed that Dusty was not panting, but breathing very rapidly through his runny nose. He had a pretty good fever and was very lethargic. I began by toning to him to give him a sense of ease and assurance, then started TTouching his ears. Although it was hard to tell because he never moved a muscle or opened his eyes, I believe he was very much enjoying it. I worked on his ears for approximately 15 minutes, doing circles at the base and circles on the entire surface of the ear, especially the tip. I then moved on to his head, and the rest of his body. I spent about 30 minutes in all. At the end of my session with Dusty, the young 15 year old volunteer who had been sitting with him earlier, came in and asked me what I was doing. I gave her a brief description of TTouch and showed her how to work on Dusty’s ears so that she could assist in his recovery. She was fascinated and excited and said she was going to google TTouch when she got home.

As I got up off the floor with Dusty, I told him that I hoped he would feel better real soon, that I hoped I was a help to him, and that I would check in on him in a couple days. At that point a small miracle happened that was a testament to me of the power of TTouch. Dusty, who had not moved all day, opened his eyes, lifted his head, got up off his pillow, looked me straight in the eye as if to say, “thank you, I feel much better now” and layed back down on the cool cement.

Three days later I returned and went looking for Dusty. He was getting fixed up to go for a walk by another volunteer. As I was approaching from a short distance away, Dusty casually glanced over to see who it was, but returned his gaze back toward the direction of his walk. I will never forget this for as long as I live…. with a quick as lightening reflex, he turned his head back toward me, with those big ears flying – it was total recognition, an obvious double take! With a jerk, he pulled his handler behind him as he ran to me with the sweetest expression of love and gratitude! As he reached me, I did not receive a lick on my hand or a jumping up to greet me, but instead, he immediately assumed the TTouch position as I had first treated him, by flopping onto his side as if to say “ok, let’s do that thing again! I’m ready–what are you waiting for?”

I asked the young man if I could take Dusty for the walk as we had a special connection, and the young volunteer obliged. As we walked, Dusty would glance up at me now and then and I could feel his love, appreciation and thanks. To me it was a miracle! Dusty, who days before was so ailing and not expected to recover for at least a week, was now energized and nearly 100%.

When we finished our walk, I took him to a cool, quiet place and gave him another TTouch session. This time I could tell that he was truly enjoying it, as he would direct me to the areas he wanted attention to, buy readjusting himself ever so thoughtfully.

TTouch is a truly amazing and miraculous technique that is easily understood in Linda’s books. Her writing is poetic, yet to the point and easy to follow. The stories she shares of her adventures with all kinds of animals all over the world is inspiring. I would recommend this book as a good starting point for anyone who is the slight bit interested in learning more of TTouch and its many, many wonderful applications in the animal and human realms.

A new TTouch devotee,
Carolyn Zambrano

© 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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