Understanding & Appreciation: A new lease on life for Milo the Alaskan Malamute

This was Milo's typical ear posture, initially

Milo, a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute came to our client day in Johannesburg with the warning  that he had bitten 2 people and they had been advised by a vet to euthanize him.  When we heard the detalis, however, the story took on a very different tone for us. He had bitten a new African staff member when she had tried to hug him around the neck and he had  “apparently” bitten a child when he was unsupervised. No one knew the details of the bite with the child, but the couple whose dog he was, were pretty traumatized by it. This dog showed absolutely no signs of being aggressive, he was friendly and willing to do everything asked of him.

During the client session we had 10 dogs that day, and 27 students, plus more observers just there for the day, so there was a lot going on. I first saw him when he was up on one of the ramps, standing quietly. What I noticed was something I had never seen in a Husky. His ears were flat back against his head, and they didnt move. I asked if he was always like that and the answer was yes. I asked the practitioner with him to do a little TTouch on his ears to make him aware of what he was doing and suddenly the ears stood upright as they normally would in this breed. After we brought his awareness with only a few minutes of TTouch they stayed up. I believe the dog clearly felt the disapproval and fear of his people that he was an “aggressive” dog.

I was about 2 meters away from the ramp. Milo looked at me and came down the ramp to greet me and CRAWLED ON HIS BELLY TO ME in the strangest way. And he clearly got the message that “I saw his brilliance and his beautiful heart.” It was one of those PIC’s “Profound Interspecies Connections” that make my heart sing. And I pray his people were able to see the dog with new eyes.

Here is what his owner, Anglea, recounted:

“However, I was there when Linda walked up. It was actually quite amazing, we were looking more generally at what the students were doing, but Linda immediately asked about the ears. I have never seen anything quite like it. Within minutes, Milo came down off the ramp and literally belly crawled to Linda, Now there were about 10 people standing there at the time, so the fact that he crawled to Linda was certainly no coincidence. It’s like he was saying Yes yes yes to what she was saying! Almost thanking her for “getting it” I can see by my pictures that I was so mesmerized that I didn’t get the picture!”

Here are how Milo's ears relaxed after a few minutes of TTouch.










Here Milo enjoys the interaction in the "Playground for Higher Learning"

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