Unique TTouch® Training Offered By Equinology®

I’m thrilled to announced that I will teach an Equinology® course, EQ2010FCF: TTouch® for Equine Body Workers Workshop at Flying Cloud Farm in Petaluma, CA, November 8-12, 2011.

Focus on the application of Tellington TTouch® will include:
· Head (Ears, forelock, nostrils, chin and jaw)
· Neck (Lowering head, Neck rocking, Mane Slides)
· Forehand (Shoulder opening, Front Leg circles & TTouches)
· Barrel (back, ribs, abdomen – Belly Lifts, Back Lifts, Lick of the Cows Tongue, Rib Release)
· Hind Quarters (Pelvis, Hind Legs & Tail – Leg Circles, Pelvic Tilt)

equinologyThis course is limited to professionals such as Equinology® Equine Body Worker graduates and graduates of schools with similar content and length, veterinarians, holders of a post-graduate/masters degree in Veterinary Physical Therapy, licensed physical therapists, licensed veterinary technicians, licensed chiropractors, licensed osteopaths, qualified Animal Rehabilitation Institute graduates, qualified McTimoney graduates and graduates of an International Equine Body Worker Association approved school, and to students of Tellington TTouch Training with a minimum of two horse certification classes who possess any of the previous credentials.

All of the above must have continuing education in equine body work and specialize in horses.

Cost: $1195.00.

If you have a question in regard to your eligibility to participate please contact Debranne Pattillo at Debranne Patillo.

© 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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