Update From the Road

Roland and I have been on the road since April 1st on a slightly whirl-wind tour. My days have been so full I simply had no time to write about the experiences but have many notes and plan to write more for my blog when I return home.
The 2 months have been action-packed with the following trainings. Our first stop was in Switzerland for a week-long dog training. Then; Germany at Klaus Balkenhols stable where I gave a day-long seminar for dressage horses for  135 members of Xenophon; a 3-day Advanced training for horse and dog practitioners at a German spa; 5 days of private work at a phenomenal dressage stable near Munich; a very exciting 3 day workshop in Italy featuring 5 leading event and endurance riders; a day-long training for care-givers at a senior home in the north of Germany; a week-long TTouch for You training at a German spa, and now this week-long human TTouch training in spectacular mountain country south of Vienna that was formerly the summer vacation spot for royalty. There is a fairy-tale Disney-like castle just up the road that was formerly a Rothchild summer home.
We had a remarkable experience yesterday. We took 12 TTouch-for-You students to an Austrian refugee center and did TTouch on about 30 women, children and men from Afghanistan and Russia with unbelievable results of pain relief. One man who had been tortured and another who had his skull and arm  broken by police in Russia said they were pain free at the end of the session.  They were all Muslims so it was amazing that the men allowed women to touch them according to the doctor in charge. These are refugees who are moved from country to country never knowing where they will land next because the governments will not take responsibility for them. It was deeply rewarding to be able to give them “the Magic 3 TTouches” – Mouth, Ears and Heart Hugs – to relieve pain and fear, and I am hoping in the future to take a group of TTouch Pracs to volunteer in one of countries where “Helping Hands” – a British organization – send volunteer health-care givers into refugee camps.
Four of the people we worked on yesterday, who had been traumatized and in much pain, reported no pain after the TTouch session.

We had only a few words to get feedback from some of them, and with others the translator told them to give a thumbs up if the TTouch was ok or good, and thumbs down if there was more pain. It worked like a charm and more and more people kept coming for TTouch in the 2 hours we were there.  I TTouched one woman for about 45 minutes who reported a 9 to 10 pain level since Cesarian surgery 4 months ago told the doctor she felt no more pain. What I appreciate is that the pain relief gives them hope for the future.
I am constantly reminded of the power and simplicity of this marvelous TTouch, and so grateful with the TTouches we can leave with people so they are empowered to help themselves. I have collected dozens of “TTouch Mini-miracles” I will share on my blog.

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