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It’s a big, big world. Many of you just cannot make it to our trainings, no matter how far and wide we try to present them. We are aware that this makes it difficult to visualize many of the techniques involved in the Tellington TTouch® Method. If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to do a certain TTouch or learn to use some of the elements of the Playground for Higher Learning, but have found that YouTube and other internet sources just aren’t sufficient, there’s a resource you should know about. Our Tellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center on Vimeo was introduced last year. There you will find videos carefully produced to present material so that you feel you are at a personal training. We are adding videos all the time. Why don’t you join us there?

Tellington TTouch World Linda Tellington-Jones

Complete demonstration of how to use the labyrinth for your horse

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