Welcome to my Journal!

It was almost two years ago that I was asked to write a blog for Swiss and American Horse magazines. I was unsure because there are so many blogs on this miraculous web we have woven around the world. I could not think of a good reason to add to the galaxies of information.

What did excite me was the realization that it would be a chance to highlight so many wonderful people who are making a difference in the world – who are Changing the World, One TTouch At A Time – often directly by teaching TTouch, and often bringing their own genius to the mix. There are also many others I have the privilege to meet and I would like to share these experiences.

One of the missions of Wisdom University is to support and develop “Cultural Creatives” – people who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

This blog, which I prefer to think of as my journal, gives me the chance to honor the Cultural Creative Citizens who are a part of our TTouch family.

In addition I have the pleasure of sharing with you some of the highlights of my “Aha’s” as the magic of TTouch continues to unfold through sharing new developments in trainings for horses, companion animals and humans, as well as the feedback I receive from the miracle of the world wide web and stories from our travels as we flit from continent to continent.

Many years ago I was traveling in Florida with Susan Harding, (who was then publisher of Equus Magazine). We were visiting a premier dressage stable in White Fences, Florida. A rider whom I had never met told me how much she enjoyed reading our newsletter and could be an “arm chair traveler”, enjoying other parts of the world that were limited to her because of her stay-at-home commitment to her horses. Ever since I think of that comment as I share our stories.

I am a person who is most creative when brainstorming, working with others to make a difference in our world. It is thanks to the dedication and brilliance of Kim Cox Carneal, a TTouch Practitioner-in-training (horses) that this blog exists. She takes my journal and has created this backdrop for my musings.
Thank you Kim.

So here we go.

To search for topics, use the search bar in the menu on the right or click on a tag for entries with the content you are interested in. I sincerely hope that in this blog you find inspiration to get out and change the world, One TTouch At A Time!

Blessings and Aloha,

Linda Tellington-Jones






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