What We Can Learn About Phantom TTouches from A Rescued Dog: Holding the Intention of Healing and Perfection

I received a very interesting though sad and sometimes horrifying email through our TTouch® Yahoo Group from a very dedicated TTouch Practitioner trainee who works with rescue animals in Escondido California. The dog Linda Troup describes has suffered immensely. But it is my hope that this suffering will be lessened with the work that Linda is doing. Through the work of Phantom TTouch (and for those who are inexperienced in this area there is useful evidence of the effectiveness of remote healing, and as my grandfather used to say about body work for horses, “it can’t hurt”. In this way anyone interested can work to lessen the pain of all beings and improve the quality of their lives.

I need help with Phantom TTouches and TTouch from a distance so I can work with a severely injured dog named Sam. I don’t think he will accept touch right away, and I doubt there will be many places on his body I will be able to touch safely.

To be honest this very linear-thinking girl is having trouble grasping the concept that doing touches in the air will do anything for the animal. Can some of you that have had results doing this share some stories with me that may help? Here’s the story:

I was contacted by the shelter where I volunteer about a dog that came in yesterday. He was called in from the Indian reservation when he wandered into a pow-wow. If he lives, and they are really trying their best, he will go into foster care to heal his wounds, both physical and emotional. The potential foster mom and I discussed my doing TTouch on him when he gets to her. He will be at the shelter a minimum of 5 days by law but in all honesty he will need that 5 days in medical care just to stabilize. He was found with parts of his flesh hanging off the bone. At first they thought he had been tortured. Now they think he was mauled by hungry dogs on the reservation. His wounds were so severe and badly infected that he had a maggot infestation. He is still being treated for residual maggots today. His throat is a mass of wounds, his back is starting to scab over but there remains a very deep crater. The inside of his back right leg is laid open to the bone.

The shelter has him on huge doses of antibiotics because the infection was so deep. He already looks so much better after just one week. His spirits are up and he is just the sweetest being ever. He is a shepherd mix about 9-10 years old. I will visit him as long as he is at the shelter and I’ve already made arrangements with his foster mom to help her when he goes to her house This is where I hope Phantom touches will get us started.

My question is do I have to really understand Phantom TTouches and truly believe they will work for them to do so? Or can I just do what is described to me and it will work on its own, therefore helping me understand and believe? I’ve heard they are valuable but I just don’t know how to move from questioning and wondering to performing and believing.

I really think they are what will open the door for this poor boy.

–Linda Troup, Escondido CA

Do not worry about the graphic nature of your descriptions. The more others know of the location and extent of his injuries, the better they can help him from a distance. It appears from extensive studies of distance healing that the more specific the information, the more effective the remote healing. I think the more we study and learn about this, the more effective we can be. In The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, in part 11, chapter 5, there is much information on various modalities of healing and the role of intention. In chapter 6 you will find details on the modalities and effectiveness of prayer.
Also in Gregg Braden’s books, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, there is invaluable information on healing. In the Spontaneous Healing of Belief and Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, it is taught that to aid successfully in healing you must feel gratitude for the fact that healing has already happened. Visualize the healing as complete and feel the joy that you will feel when Sam is healed.

These teachings support our basic TTouch message to the body, “Remember your perfection.” I visualize the cells communicating ideally and send them support for re-membering (weaving back together) wherever the damage has occurred. I often imagine going into the body with permission and holding appreciation for the brilliance of the way our cells function. It reminds me of the movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” when they go on a journey into the body. Maybe my memory is incorrect but I’ve held the vision for more than 50 years!!

Rather than seeing the damage to Sam, hold the vision of the repaired area and practice feeling the gratitude and joy you will feel when the healing is complete. According to Gregg Braden, that “feeling of gratitude and joy” is an important part of the the success of prayer. And whenever I work with a being, human or other animal, I hold a prayer that supports their highest good.

That our bodies function as they do is a miracle when you stop to think about it. We have (according to various books) between 50 and 100 trillion cells in our bodies and they all function without our conscious thought. It’s impossible to imagine. I love the description of Peter Fraser and Harry Massey in their book, Decoding the Human Body-Field, that 1270 cells would fit in one inch, and if you imagine an atom the size of a pea, an average size cell would cover a half mile in comparison! All these trillions of cells work in unison.

I just love sending my body appreciation for this miracle that functions in the universe that is see as my body. I think it’s valuable to become acquainted with this miracle of the cells and learn as much as we are drawn to. It also takes practice to learn to trust and to put aside doubt in the amazing healing potential we all have – healing ourselves and supporting the healing potential of those – like Sam – who have somehow made their way to us for help.

Thank you for all you are doing. Heart hugs to you and Sam and all the others whose lives you TTouch.

© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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